Why we're Unique

Code it. Build it. Make it, with Maker Life.

Maker Life’s passion is to ensure programming is fun, easy, and low cost. Maker Life serves the global mass market of children, parents and teachers who are new to coding; the non-tekkies and first-timers to electronics. To meet this growing market, Maker Life develops and provides build-your-own computer project kits, which are simple, engaging and educational.

The challenge and the opportunity
Many aspects of our lives involve computers, yet only a small number of people are able to build computers and programme them; the world will become dominated by computing and the digital economy, at an ever increasing pace. The future of work will rely on highly-skilled programmers, and it is therefore crucial to enable children, parents and teachers to programme/code. There is also an ever growing demand for programming students and computer science candidates.

This is a huge challenge, and an even bigger opportunity for Maker Life, which will offer kits to address this demand, to customers across the world.

We are proud to be helping so many children, parents and teachers to get ahead in the I.T. world. There are exciting times ahead – Men, women, boys and girls are telling us how much they want to get involved and learn about building computers and how to programme and code projects. We have listened and are will continue to develop a fun, educational kits that are the perfect first steps into coding.

Understanding the basics breaks down so many walls - we are helping the next generation of programmers.

Maker Life’s unique kits
Maker Life develops its unique kits with Single Board Computers, which are low-cost, tiny computers; the Raspberry Pi Zero W and the BBC micro:bit power our fun and educational kits, offering unlimited kit opportunities for Maker Life to teach the world how to code.

How Maker Life is very different
Maker Life’s kits:

  • enable customers learn programming by having fun, through building and completing their own projects.
  • are educational, and aim to make coding fun, easy and low cost; they are aimed at children, parents and teachers
  • ensure customers have the support of a simple to use, step-by-step guide. This makes them easy to use, and ensures the kit is an educational resource. This guide covers all aspects, from basic connections, understanding the components, to doing the programming and finishing the projects. 
  • have been designed to appeal equally to girls as well as boys
  • are offered in localised languages where volume allows it. 
  • have everything included in the kit to do these projects - it's a plug and play solution, so customers can get up and running as soon as they open the box
  • are supplied in retail standard packaging, to appeal to International retailers and distributors
  • do not require soldering

Maker Life’s kits are developed and tested with children, parents and teachers. Also, Maker Life develops bespoke educational kits for large customers, depending on their educational and curriculum requirements. Maker Life will continue developing its range of kits to meet the huge demand from customers.

Who we work with
Maker Life offers its kits globally, through high-profile retailers, distributors and education resellers.